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Academic Senate Members at Senate Meeting in Founders Hall, 2017.
Academic Senate Members at Senate Meeting in Founders Hall, 2017.
Academic Senate Members at Senate Meeting in Founders Hall, 2017.

Academic Senate

What is the Mt. SAC Academic Senate?

The Mt. San Antonio College Academic Senate is a body of faculty representatives from all academic departments and disciplines responsible for making recommendations to the administration and for communicating with the Board of Trustees on policy development and implementation with respect to academic and professional issues.

In embracing shared governance, the Academic Senate of Mt. San Antonio College partners with the campus as a whole to make informed recommendations that are in accordance with the College Mission Statement. Click here for the list of "10+1" college issues for which the Academic Senate provides recommendations.

The Board of Trustees relies on the Academic Senate for:

  1. Curriculum, including establishing pre-requisites and placing courses within disciplines.
  2. Degree and certificate requirement.
  3. Grading policies.
  4. Educational program development.
  5. Standards or policies regarding student preparation and success.
  6. District and college governance structures, as related to faculty roles.
  7. Faculty roles and involvement in accreditation processes, including self-study and annual reports.
  8. Policies for faculty professional development activities.
  9. Processes for program review.
  10. Processes for institutional planning and budget development.
  11. Other academic and professional matters as mutually agreed upon between the governing board and the academic senate.

Note: Bolding distinguishes areas where the Academic Senate is primarily relied upon, per the Academic Senate Constitution.

Academic Senate for California Community Colleges (ASCCC)

Formed in 1970, the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges is a 501(c)6 nonprofit organization. Created for the promotion and advancement of public community college education in California, its general purposes are:
1. To strengthen local academic senates and councils of community colleges;
2. To serve as the voice of the faculty of the community colleges in matters of statewide concern;
3. To develop policies and promote the implementation of policies on matters of statewide issues;
4. To make recommendations on statewide matters affecting the community colleges.
The Academic Senate gets its authority to strengthen local senates on California community colleges statewide from the California Code of Regulations Title 5 Section 53206, which says:
(a) An Academic Senate for the California Community Colleges has been established through ratification by local academic senates or faculty councils so that the community college faculty of California may have a formal and effective procedure for participating in the formation of state policies on academic and professional matters.
(b) The Board of Governors recognizes the Academic Senate of the California Community Colleges as the representative of community college academic senates or faculty councils before the Board of Governors and Chancellor's Office.
For more information about how to get involved, visit the Academic Senate website:


ASCCC Mission Statement

The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges fosters the effective participation by community college faculty in all statewide and local academic and professional matters; develops, promotes, and acts upon policies responding to statewide concerns; and serves as the official voice of the faculty of California Community Colleges in academic and professional matters. The Academic Senate strengthens and supports the local senates of all California community colleges.

Interested in Serving on an Academic Senate Committee or Task Force?

Here's a form to express interest in serving on one or more committees or task forces. You can also learn more about the various committee options available.

Academic Senate

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